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Our Life

30 Mar Baby Delivery – And Cora Makes Three!

Kammi here.  I had the opportunity to photograph a baby delivery yesterday.  This was not your typical delivery though.  Cora is almost one and just arrived from an exhausting 30 hour flight from Ethiopia, Africa with her mom and dad. I couldn't help but tear...

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31 Jan Welcome Trinity Michele Bothwell

Kammi and I are proud parents again adding a 3rd Bothwell child into our clan. Trinity Michele Bothwell came into this work on the 25th, weighing 7 lbs 10oz. Our two boys are so excited to have a little sister and have been smothering...

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03 Jan New Year-New Blog

Welcome to our brand spanking new blog. It's been a long time coming to update our blog. It always seemed to get put at the end of every to do list I had. It's been long overdue. Finally, after having our old blog on...

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