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29 Nov Loveland Family Portraits|Turner Family

Right before Thanksgiving I photographed the Turner Family. Little Miss Lennon,(love the name) was just adorable in her dress and cowboy boots. TOO CUTE. We will be photographing Lennon's aunts wedding this January, which Lennon will be the flower girl. Can't wait for that wedding.    ...

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02 Dec Graff Family|Denver Portraits

  Being a professional photographer in Denver for over 13 years, we have gotten to know so many other great professional photographers. It' always an honor when another photographer asks us to photograph them and their family. It's always a little nerve racking too. I...

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25 Aug Ure Family Session

  I love seeing previous wedding clients and photograph their growing families. It's an honor that they come back to have us document other milestones in their life. Kristi and Aaron got married many years ago at The Pueblo Country Club. They have since added two...

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29 Apr Lucy|Pet Photography

I have never really done pet photography before, so I didn't know what to expect. Lucy is a great dog to start off with, a dream to work with. She should be in a pet magazine she is do darn cute.  You can't really...

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