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Vendor Spotlight|Makeup artist Candace Bachara

30 Jan Vendor Spotlight|Makeup artist Candace Bachara


Something that we wanted to start on our blog besides showing our Denver wedding photography is a vendor spotlight section. For the vendor spotlight, we wanted to let our bride and grooms or anyone else planning a wedding know about some of the incredible vendors that we get to work with. Hopefully this will help you while planning a wedding or introduce you to the perfect vendor that you were looking for.

Our first vendor spotlight is the fabulous Candace Bachara who recently moved back here from LA. We first met Candace at a Omni Interlocken Wedding we did together last year. She also recently did the makeup for one our 2013 brides engagement session. Candace recently came down to the studio in Denver for some quick headshots and we talked about her experience in LA and working with the stars. It was so cool to hear some of her stories. Read about what she has to say about her time in LA, tips for wedding makeup and what makeup she personally uses herself.

Candace Bachara

Denver wedding makeup artist

Tell us about your background. 

I grew up in CO and since 6th grade have dreamed of moving to LA to become a make up artist. After graduating at Toni&Guy Academy and working as a Colorist at Toni&Guy Salon, I knew I had to move towards making that dream happen. I moved to LA when I was 21 to attend Make Up Designory (M.U.D.) to learn every aspect of make up for Film, Television, Print.

Tell us about your experience in LA?

 I attended Make Up Designory and learned everything from Special Effects Make Up, Bald Caps, Injuries, Prosthetics, to high Fashion runway looks. I’ve done independent films, American Idol, Tonight Show with Jay Leno, So You Think You Can Dance, Extra, as well Music Videos and Photoshoots. What’s great about my job is there are so many fun outlets to work in and I still fly out for different projects every 3 months or so.

What are some of your favorite artists or stars that you worked with?

I’ve gotten to work with some great people over the years. Some of my favorites have been OneRebulic, Pink and Leona Lewis. I was on tour with Yanni and his orchestra for his PBS Special in Acapulco which was incredible working with so many talented people from around the world and making some great friends from that!
What star surprised you the most? 

Pink was the most surprising because she’s so down to earth and showed up to the video shoot earlier than any of the crew and she made cupcakes for everyone and made sure she met every crew member before starting anything. She was great to work with too bc she has such a fantastic style from hair, make up and wardrobe 🙂
Have you noticed a difference in trends between LA and Denver?
The main difference from LA and CO as far as trends go, is people in LA hear of something new and are on top of it and eager to try it even if they aren’t sure it will look good on them. CO tends to be more laid back and people tend to have a harder time breaking into the funky bolder colors, choppy cuts. I do have a handful who are up for those things but a lot more people in CO have the 9-5 jobs opposed to being a musician or actor/actress that can experiment with their look more.


Denver wedding makeup artist

For brides, what is the most important tip for makeup for them on their wedding day. 

To look like yourself just a more glamorous version. You don’t want to look back on that day wondering why you “experimented with that black shadow” and you most importantly don’t want to scare your groom walking down the aisle 🙂

How far in advance to you recommend a bride to a trial run for her makeup?

I suggest at least a month before so if there’s anything you don’t like, there’s time to come up with something that’s perfect for you on your special day.
Where are you located and what are your typical hours?

I’m located at Sola Salon (Cherry Creek North) 299 Detroit Street Suite 141 Denver, CO 80206 (Friday, Sat, Mondays) and Phenix Salon (Colorado Springs) 1747 Briargate Blvd. Suite 110 Colorado Springs, CO 80920 (Tues & Weds)  Maps can be found on my website:


Candace in action at the Omni Interlocken Wedding we worked at together

Denver wedding photographer_Elegant Images



The beautiful bride from our wedding.

Denver wedding photographer_Elegant Images

How much time should a bride plan for her makeup and hair? 

I would plan on 2 hours for your hair an make up. I buffer in a little more time because on that day, everyone will be calling you for a quick question from your florist, photographer, or guests for directions so I factor that in 🙂

What should a bride prepare for before coming in for makeup on her wedding day? 

I always recommend getting a good facial a week before and drinking a lot of water to really make your skin as radiant as possible. I highly recommend Avanti Medical Spa in Cherry Creek which is right next to my salon in Cherry Creek. A good nights sleep the night before you wedding will really help your skin as well as minimize any bags under your eyes.

Outside of brides, what other makeup/hair services do you provide? 

I do it all 🙂 Men and Women’s Cuts, Colors, Highlights, O’mbre, Make Up, Facial Waxing. 

Are you seeing different makeup/hair trends for this year compared to last?

Pinterest has really taken the trends to a whole new level. I’ve seen a lot more hair twists and braids incorporated into updos: more woven looks. Make up trends have always been fun to watch and I’ve seen a lot more of the cat eye eyeliner look coming back with more variety in shades to do it with. Nail art has been incredibly fun to see change too with the most intricate designs to go with special events!


Denver wedding makeup artist
Any advice for the crazy popular Pinterest boards when brides are looking at them and considering certain styles for their wedding? 

Consider your hair texture and what you’re hair or make up is capable of. I see a lot of brides want things that their hair can’t do bc it’s too fine, or thick or curly. When looking at photos or ideas, be realistic with what your hair is capable of and more times than not, you can find a happy medium that works for your hair. A lot of times too people need to know detachable extensions are used in a lot of those looks which I have a lot of Brides use to thicken up or create the look they love.

Do you have a facebook page?

Yes, Candace Bachara Hair Stylist & Make Up Artist

Has social media helped your business? 

Yes, it’s an easy way to get a referral by posting photos or bridal clients happy with what they’ve gotten and I love to hear the feedback from guests at the wedding via facebook or my website!


Denver wedding makeup artist

What should brides look for when looking for a makeup artist? 

I think it’s best to find someone that can make you look like YOU at your best. I’ve seen other make up artists only know how to apply heavily, or how they wear it on themselves. Other times, it looks so natural and muted it doesn’t read well at all in pictures. It’s important to have a balance of what looks best on you for your skin type, features, eye color and colors that are best on you.

What is the best way to contact you? You can contact me via my website:, Email: or Phone: 310-713-2578

What Make Up Products do you use? 

I use a little bit of everything so I’m constantly getting new things of the latest to try. Nars, MAC, Smashbox, Urban Decay, Bare Minerals, Laura Mercier, Chanel, Dior, Lamer, Clinique


Denver wedding makeup artist




The happy couple from our wedding.


Denver wedding photographer_Elegant Images


Denver wedding makeup artist