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An Epic Day After Session

19 Jul An Epic Day After Session

Every once in a while a bride will come along and tell us they want something different, something epic, something that we have never done. Justin & Jessica were one of those couples. I just love when that happens.  Never in my wildest dreams, has it ever come across my mind that I would ever photograph a session like this.

Jessica and Justin are big water skiers and wanted a day after session in their wedding attire, behind the boat in the water. When they approached me with the idea, I was like a kid in a candy store. My thoughts ran wild with the photos that we could capture, I couldn’t contain my excitement. So many questions ran through my mind. How would we pull it off with her in a wedding dress without the water weighing her down. Justin had the solution and they practiced her dry starting on the board from the back of the boat. In case she did fall in with her dress on and the water weighed her down, we were in good hands since Justin and her new brother in law are both firefighters. 

We met the Monday following their Saturday wedding. While family and friends were on the lake all day in their boat, we started the session in Loveland at an old grain mill. We then made one more stop on the way to the lake to get some mountain shots, and finally ended up at the lake. The brought an huge raft and I mean HUGE that they put Kammi on in the middle of the lake, so she could get some other angles. I jumped on the back of the boat and off we went. 

After the success of Jessica starting of the back of the boat and not falling in the water until we were actually done. We decided we should at least get some more photos and  get some of the guys in action. Justin stayed in is wedding attire  for the first round and did some jumps and tricks for us and our cameras. Then his brother and another groomsmen did some incredible tricks for us. Check out all the action in the slideshow.  

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