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Chassity & Andrew|The Sweetest Clients

07 Jul Chassity & Andrew|The Sweetest Clients


  I remember the first time Chassity called us to see if we were available for her June 10th Lionscrest Manor Wedding. “Yes, we are I said, and you picked a fabulous date because Kammi and I also got married on June 10th 2001 at Lionscrest Manor”. I think she was shocked that Kammi and I would work on our 10 year wedding anniversary. While dates are important, whats more important is that you are all together to celebrate. Kammi grew up with her father as a pilot, so holidays and special events were always celebrated when everyone was together. It didn’t have to be the actual date, and thats something that we do with our family. 

Kammi and I have had many incredible clients over the years, but no one has touched us the way Chassity and Andrew did on their wedding night. We were totally blown away, speechless, and touched. Near the end of the reception Chassity and Andrew stopped the music, cleared the dance floor, and got on the microphone to make one last announcement. They called us out on the dance floor and congratulated us for our 10 year anniversary, then they presented us with a mini wedding cake. This wasn’t any wedding cake, it was an exact replica of our  wedding cake, including our cake topper. While Chassity was planning every detail of her wedding, she went on a covert mission to find out information about our wedding. She got our cake topper from my mother in law, got a photo of our cake and had the exact cake made right down to the rasberry and poppy seeds. We were blown away by what they did, but it wasn’t finished with that announcement. They also found out the first song that we danced to 10 years ago at our wedding. They had the DJ play our song and we danced, at the same location we danced at 10 years ago. In case you are wondering the song we danced to was Come Rain or Come Shine, the Don Henley version. 

Thank you Chassity and Andrew for such a beautiful memory for Kammi and I. We were so blown away with the incredible gesture you did for us on your wedding day. You will forever be in our hearts on June 10th. Congratulations on your marriage, we wish you guys all the best and THANK YOU letting Kammi and I be apart of your day.
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