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Free to Create

18 Aug Free to Create

I am so thrilled that this event happened. A photographer that I had never met, but knew from Facebook, Scott Stebner put on a local board about having a Free to Create event. The event was to teach, to challenge, and to inspire for FREE!  So Scott, the newly engaged RJ, and myself all led small groups to teach on posing, lighting, and RJ’s mad magic lighting skills. So many workshops you have to pay for which is fine, but our Colorado photographers like to get together and play. It’s not the first time the Colorado professional photographers have gotten together to play, but this was by far my favorite.

Scott did all the work in organizing and putting this together. Scott lives in Sterling Colorado which is small drive, but about 25 photographers made it up there. Scott got us permission to go into a old vacant Sugar Mill, which was just a photographers dream to photograph in. He also provided us with some incredible models in their wedding dresses to pose for us throughout the day and into the night.  I wish I had more time with all the models, but sometimes got carried away with the areas we were photographing in, we just lost track of time. His wife Alyssa also cooked everyone a killer BBQ meal when we were done. I am a little jealous of the places in Sterling that Scott has to play with. Check out his blog for all the incredible photos that he creates in Sterling. 

There were so many incredible photographers there. Some I knew and some I had never met. It was such an experience to see everyone have fun and meet new people. It’s always nice to go out and shoot for yourself and open up to try some new things. Love the images I got from this event. Check out some of my favorites from the slideshow below. 


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