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About Us


We could fill this bio section with a lot of boring information about our award winning photography, how experienced we are, or our professional credentials. Let’s just say we have won some(keep looking around our website, and we will show you a few), shot together for over 15 years, and as full time professional photographers, we have a ton of gear. Hopefully you have enjoyed pursuing our work and that’s why you are still reading.


ROSS: From the moment I picked up a camera for the first time in high school and began capturing the big 80’s bands in concert, I knew I was onto something special.


KAMMI: I have always loved photography. I remember taking endless rolls of film on my fathers Pentax camera he bought in Vietnam. Looking back, these moments were the perfect precursor to our career today.


ROSS + KAMMI: You know the saying goes “opposites attract” and that is true for us. We met at Florida State University(GO NOLES), our first date was a U2 concert(1997). Ross knew within 10 dates that Kammi was the one he would marry.


US: Ross likes his Rock & Roll(LOUD), while Kammi prefers anything thing but. Kammi sees life in black and white, while Ross is pretty much grey and a dreamer. Ross likes his tech toys, and Kammi doesn’t like to shop. We work together, play together, and have three children together.


I guess it goes without saying that we love photographs. WE have the best job imaginable. We get to combine a few or our passions-photography, love, playfulness, humor-and to be part of one of the biggest days of your life.


We welcome the opportunity to meet you and learn about you and your unique event.

Ross & Kammi Bothwell


A rarity for us – At vacant hotel in Vegas


A look at us in action