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Jill & Jared|Engagement Session

05 Sep Jill & Jared|Engagement Session

Jill and Jared are getting married this winter and Kammi and I can’t wait for their wedding. They just recently got engaged in New York city. I always love hearing proposal stories. So Jill was helping out her sister in Italy for two weeks and they then flew back into New York to stay a couple of days. Jared secretly flew out to New York to surprise her on bended knee to ask her to marry him. It was a family affair to pull this together and keep it secret. Jared was waiting in her hotel room in New York when she was went back to the room to surprise her.

Jill and Jared both go to our church in Loveland. I go to know them both when we went on a mission trip to Haiti this past March. I didn’t know either one ¬†of them before the trip to Haiti. Jared was sitting next to me on the plane trip down, but there wasn’t a whole lot of conversation going on since it was a red eye flight. Once we were in Haiti I got to know them both, and they are both incredible people. What a small world that we are now photographing their wedding. I can’t wait.

Had a great time at their engagement session recently. We were hoping for a great sunset, but a storm moved in and became extremely windy. Still got some amazing shots with the clouds and wind. Here are some of my favorites from the session.