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2010 Review|Bridal Portraits

07 Jan 2010 Review|Bridal Portraits

I love everything about photographing brides on their wedding day. The dress, the hair, the makeup, and the location coming together for incredible bridal portraits. I tend to like  and photograph more dramatic shots of the bride, while my wife likes to photograph the details and the photojournalistic. Together we come away with some amazing portraits. We had so many fabulous brides this past year and I wish I could include them all, but these are some of my favorite photos of brides. Sometime we have all the time in the world to photograph a bride, sometimes hardly anytime and can still come away with some great shots. Take a look at some of my favorites and comments of why they are my favorite.

Peggy was one of my favorite brides of the year. She is the sweetest person I think I have ever met. While we did have plenty of time to photograph her on her wedding day, I had a vision that I wanted for this photo at the reception. This was a small room beside the ballroom at the Ritz Hotel. This room had nothing to do with her wedding. I saw it, fell in love with the fabric wall patterns and wanted something dramatic. We had two minutes to set this photo up before they were announced for their reception. I took an off camera flash to create a dramatic angle of light. Once I had it in photoshop I changed the color of the background and added some texture to the photo. I just simply fell in love with this photo.

I simply love dark hair brides. Ashley was just beautiful and I love her creamy skin. Such a dream to photograph.

Another off camera light from the left side to add some great lighting during sunset.

I love this shot that Kammi got at an incredible low angle to give a great perspective. She was even able to get this low while being pregnant.

The dress, the dress, the dress, I just fell in love with this beautiful dress. How could you not.

Another last minute idea I had on the way to the reception. I asked Lisa if she was game to go in the ally and photograph a dramatic, very contrasty shot. I am so glad she trusted us to get this shot. A little photoshop, some textures and I love it.

A great example of Kammi photographing from the side as I photograph from the front. She captures some great moments.

Here is Kammi getting a great bridal window lit portrait in the brides hotel room after she got ready.

Trash the dress sessions are so much fun. Especially when the bride wants to get in the water or dance barefoot.

This was an urban day after session. Actually five years after session. They got married in California 5 years ago. They didn’t like their original photographers photos, found our site, and wanted some photos. I am so glad they called. I met them at the hotel they were staying at, saw the bar had cool red lights asked permission to photograph in here and came away with this. Again some off camera light and you can create some dramatic portraits. After that we headed to the ally for an urban bridal shot in the next photo.

How could you not love photographing this dress. Simply classic and beautiful.

Kammi again getting a great natural smile from the side while I was photographing her from the front.

A simple classic bridal portrait in Edwards, Colorado. Love the bride, the venue and the stonework.