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Destination Wedding Photography|North Georgia Mountains

26 Apr Destination Wedding Photography|North Georgia Mountains

Kammi and I love destination weddings. It’s seems like a glamorous part of of our job. Sometimes we get a little extra time to play, sometimes we fly in and fly out. This time we had extra time to play. I grew up in Atlanta and all my family and friends are still there. I was the only one that really left the state. Carol and Jeff’s wedding just happen to be at the same time as our kids spring break. We were able to bring the kids, visit with friends and family and let everyone also meet our newest arrival. It was just a perfect week. It felt great to be back in the south. I am probably the only one that misses the humidity.

Jeff and Carol got married about two hours north of Atlanta at The Ridges Resort and Marina. ┬áSuch a beautiful place to have a wedding. Spring was really starting to kick in, flowers were blooming, the grass was green and the skies were blue. The day of the wedding the wind came in and came hard. It was non stop gusts of wind, knocking chairs over and keeping the staff busy. It’s always an honor to photograph our clients wedding, but for couples to love our work so much to fly us out to their wedding, just makes our day. Congratulations to Jeff and Carol, and THANK YOU so much for allow us to document your day!